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Auto Auction Bid Assurance Part 1


Auto Auction Bid Assurance Part 1


Even though this is an “As Is” auction, the seller will attempt to disclose all obvious visible defects and obvious drivability defects on the condition report, in their photos and listed in their disclosures. They will try to have a clean title present with lien paid before listing the vehicle but will disclose if the title is missing, branded or delayed.

Auto Auction Bid Assurance Part 2


Auto Auction Bid Assurance Part 1


IF the vehicle has a Substantial Defect that has not been declared you don’t have to take delivery.
Simply let the selling dealer know that there is a Substantial Defect not disclosed and they will allow you to cancel the transaction.

There is NO arbitration.

Auto Auction Bid Assurance Part 3


Auto Auction Bid Assurance Part 1


If the vehicle arrives at your lot and has a Substantial Defect that has not been declared, you may return it at your expense.
Simply contact the selling dealer within one business day of arrival to let them know you are returning the vehicle. Vehicle must be returned within five business days. There is NO arbitration.

Bid Assurance™ is the selling dealers declared code of conduct, there is no fee, nor is Bid Assurance™ an insurance policy. Bid Assurance is applied at the seller dealer's discretion and the seller dealer is the final decision maker. Please contact the selling dealer with concerns or to make arrangements to return a vehicle.  | ©Copyright 2016 Dealer Simplified, LLC

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